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The India Association of the Virgin Islands

We would like to advance and foster a sense of unity and belonging within our local community shaping the future of a strong and vibrant VI and Indian community by raising awareness about our culture and history while preserving our religious and cultural heritage.

The India Association of the Virgin Islands

We want to create an environment where we promote our Indian culture, traditions, and values thru various community engagements; cultural events, social programs, and religious festivities uniting the VI and Indian communities thereby building a well-educated and confident community that proudly stands together contributing to the local diaspora.
Lindquist Beach. St. Thomas

Mission Statement

India Association of the Virgin Islands serves our Virgin Islands community through programs, services, and advocacy for people of all ages and life stages.

To form a common bond among the people of Indian origin living in the Virgin Islands to preserve, foster, and honor the diverse social, cultural, and educational heritage of India in the Virgin Islands instilling it, especially into our younger generation and promoting the same goodwill in the mainstream Virgin Islands community, and to enhance the mutual understanding between the VI and our Indian community.
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MBW was founded in 2007 to provide hope, healing and purpose to at-risk and high risk youth in the USVI. Very shortly after being founded, the India Association began supporting MBW.

Since then, over 1300 young men and women have found a better life path through the mentoring, education, mental health counseling, on-the-job training and job placement MBW has been able to provide through supporters such as the India Association.

After Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the India Association stepped up to help MBW prepare and serve over 37,000 meals through our Hurricane Response and when MBW responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by providing meals to the vulnerable population in the USVI, the India Association was there again ready and willing to serve and support.

We are so very grateful for the continued support. From all of us at MBW, Thank You!

Chrystie Payne , Communications/Donor Relations

On behalf of the Humane Society of St. Thomas, I cannot thank you enough for your generous contributions over the years.

Thank you for recognizing the important role that our organization serves towards shaping a caring and humane community for all by providing necessary animal welfare services to our community.

Dellia Holodenschi, HSSTT President, Board of Directors
We are deeply grateful to you for the love and care you share with our programs. Thanks to you, we can continue to support our community. Your gift means that our staff has the resources they need to care for our residents no matter the circumstances. You are empowering us to share love every day through a helping hand, compassionate heart or considerate gesture, which makes the world of a difference in our community.
Juna John-Straker, CEO, Lutheran Social Services of the VI, Inc.